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The WAMSA AGM was also held on 20 September 2015 in conjunction with the Beyond Tools Men’s Shed Conference.

Following changes to the constitution at the 2014 AGM, an election was held to implement the new Board structure.  This resulted in the following being elected:

  • Brett Pollock, Mosman Park, elected for three years
  • Mike Wiggin, Mosman Park, elected for three years
  • Russell Candy, Manjimup, elected for two years
  • Morris Pavlinovich, Kalamunda, elected for two years
  • Trevor Taylor, Bicton, elected for one year
  • Frits Schreuder, York, elected for one year

The office bearers were appointed by the Board at the first meeting following the AGM and resulted in the following:

  • Mike Wiggin, President
  • Trevor Taylor, Vice-President
  • Russell Candy, Secretary and Treasurer

In addition, three Board members were subsequently appointed by the Board.  They are: Lee Edwards, from the Dunsborough Men’s Shed, who was a previous Board member and is co-ordinating the wheelchair maintenance program, plus two businessmen, Michael Woodhouse and Clayton Hollingsworth.

Jim Flockhart from the Merredin Men’s Shed moved a notice of motion that WAMSA retains its independence from AMSA.  This was aimed at Western Australian Men’s Sheds retaining control of their state peak organisation.  He was concerned that AMSA may attempt to establish a state office to replace WAMSA.  Not only would this lead to a loss of control by WA Sheds, but would most likely increase the costs to Sheds.  A major danger would arise if AMSA lost its government funding and could no longer service WA.

Concern was expressed that the motion could be interpreted to say that WAMSA should no longer be involved with AMSA.

In response, Mike Wiggin explained that the motion would have no effect on the current situation, with WAMSA appointing a member of the AMSA Board.  He emphasised that WAMSA would continue to work with AMSA to support Men’s Sheds.

It was stated that AMSA should deal with the national matters and the federal government, plus international affiliations and WAMSA should deal with state matters and the WA government.

WAMSA Strategic Business Plan

With financial assistance from Lotterywest, WAMSA engaged consultants to prepare a strategic business plan.

All sheds were invited to contribute during the consultation process.

The report was presented to the WAMSA Committee on 3 September and Doug McGhie made a presentation at the Beyond Tools Men’s Shed Conference on 13 October 2014.

The plan identified nine critical success factors:

  1. Effective support services to members (sheds).
  2. Communication and promotion of WAMSA.
  3. Sustainable and professional governance and operations for WAMSA.
  4. Ongoing funding for WAMSA.
  5. Men’s sheds contributing to men’s health and well-being.
  6. A positive relationship with Local Government to support sheds.
  7. Positive relationships with State and Federal governments to support WAMSA.
  8. Working with the community and special groups.
  9. An effective relationship with AMSA.

To read a summary of the plan, click here.

To read the full plan click here.

Some systems are not showing the headings in both documents plus the table of contents in the report. It is suggested that you download the document (by right-clicking the link above, and choosing Save As), and then open the downloaded PDF in Adobe Reader.

The Chairman and other Committee Members are meeting with various government ministers prior to preparing a submission to be considered by cabinet for a substantial increase in funding to WAMSA.