2017 Conference Registration

Registration Fees

Due to the Conference being held over 2 days we have added additional categories.
There is also a category for Partners. As the conference is being held in the country,
partners have been encouraged to attend events.

Categories of registration per person (Prices inclusive of GST)

WAMSA Member of a financial WAMSA Shed $125
WAMSA Member Saturday only $85 (not attending the Saturday night dinner)
WAMSA Member Sunday only $85
Non financial WAMSA Shed member $250
Partner includes dinner and lunch Sat & Sun $60

Registration Fee Exempt (Sponsors, Trade or NGO display exhibitor [1 attendee exempt], Speaker, WAMSA Board or Conference committee member)

To obtain a registration form click here.

Lotterywest Scholarships

Lotterywest has been approached for funding as follows:

  • 75% of travel and accommodation expenses for a remote Shed
  • $100 per participant from the rest of the state, with a maximum of 4 per Shed

As yet we have not received a response from Lotterywest. We will advise sheds when a
decision has been made.

Should Lotterywest approve the funding, the funding will be paid to sheds, not individuals
following the conference.

Please note remote areas are Kimberley, Pilbara, Gascoyne and Kalgoorlie/Esperance
regions. Should the grant be approved this will be paid on the production of original invoices
for these costs. It is expected that every effort is taken to keep these costs to a minimum.